XX-15A UV Lamp 15 Watt BLB Tubes

Spectroline XX-15A UV Lamp 15 Watt BLB Tubes
Bench and Display Lamps
X-Series lamps are ideally suited for applications where high-intensity, wide-area UV coverage is required. Constructed of rugged metal with sturdy mounting brackets, these units are available in various combinations of long, medium and/or short wave UV. The complete line also offers lamps in a wide choice of various intensities, sizes and-wattage, including single or double UV tubes. A corrosion-resistant aluminum reflector optimizes UV irradiance while all short and medium wave models feature our unique LONGLIFE filter glass to ensure high initial UV intensity. These versatile lamps are also a key component of our CL-150 UV photodocumentation system. They offer easy wavelength interchangeability making this system ideal for numerous applications requiring a darkened environment.

15-watt models with anodized aluminum housing

Outfitted with sturdy metal brackets for easy overhead mounting

X-15A - One 15-Watt BLB, BLE-1800B

Typical Peak UV Intensity (µW/cm²) at 10"" (25cm) 800

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