X-Ray Film Digitizing

DICONDE Compliant & Meets all Standards for ISO 14096 Class DS and ASME Section V

Test Equipment Distributors will securely scan your industrial x-ray film using high volume digital scanners into DICONDE format (approved by aerospace primes) and archive the high resolution images to a format that best suits your needs. We provide all the digitized images on an external hard drive, CD/DVD, or setup a VPN connection and push the images into your servers as the film gets scanned in real time. When the project is completed, TED will hold the film, allowing our customers to verify the quality and accuracy of scanned images. Once you are 100% satisfied with the end result, we will shred and recycle the film to recover silver and polyester out of the film. Dependent on volume, the cost of film digitization is low, and large volume scanning is offered at No Cost to our customers!


  • Free up valuable floor space for expanded revenue generating opportunities.
  • Creates a disaster recovery protocol for stored x-ray images.
  • Images are immediately searchable – no more looking through boxes of film to find a specific image.
  • Remote viewing/diagnosis. View historical images side-by-side with new images.
  • Superior image quality.
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