Danatronics UPG-07
Hand-Held Digital Ultrasonic thickness gage with features of gain, differential, velocity mode, and the ability to store and recall up to 30 custom setups.including: Plastic Carrying Case, 2 Oz. bottle of couplant, 2 AA batteries, Instruction manual and a transducer 10 Mhz. or less (please specify), lemo to mircrodot cable 6'.

UPG-07 Series of hand held ultrasonic precision gages are available in 4 models. Our UPG-07 series is the ideal unit to non-destructively test the wall thickness for manufactured parts requiring unprecedented accuracy and resolution. The UPG-07 series utilizes single element transducers and offers a 30 Mhz, square wave pulser, 0001” or 1 micron resolution with the ability to store and re-call 30 unique applications. So if you are measuring light bulbs, plastic bottles, golf clubs, coil steel, thin aluminum, aircraft parts and even pure gold bars, the UPG-07 series is the right choice.
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