TED & RHF Partnership

Reilhofer’s 20th Anniversary in the USA with TED

Anyone involved with Reilhofer KG’s acoustic diagnostic systems on the North American market quickly gets in touch with TED, Test Equipment Distributors. RHF is not represented by its own office in the US, but by the Troy (Michigan) based partner company. This partnership celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Together with Jason Beardslee from TED, we can look back on two decades.

In the 1990s, Reilhofer KG worked intensively on its eolANALYSER for quality assurance in production. Quickly, interest in this product, especially in the Greater Detroit area grew large. As the company was already committed to customer proximity and spontaneity in customer service back then, it quickly became clear that a local RHF presence had to be established here. In November 1999, the partnership with TED began. The importance of the North American market grew in addition to the awarding of the Henry Ford Award to the Reilhofer KG in 2001 due to the eol technology (read “The Lucky Break We Owe to a Competitor“). Ford alone has integrated more than 25 end-of-line systems in automatic transmission test beds in Michigan and Ohio. At the same time, GM and Chrysler started with their first deltaANALYSER applications in their powertrain R&D centers.

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