Y.SMART 160E 0.4 X-Ray System


Y.SMART 160E 0.4 X-Ray System

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The Y.SMART 160E is available in a version with a 1.0 mm focal spot, which is a popular choice for tasks with low density materials or where the best possible resolution is required. The Y.SMART 160E with a 3.0 mm focal spot is a popular choice for scientific purposes, thanks to the 960 W X-ray power.

Y.SMART 160E 0.4 X-Ray System
Weight 22 kg
Height 616 mm
Focal spot size EN12543 1.0 mm
High voltage adjustment 10 – 160 kV
mA adjustment 2.0 – 6.0 mA
Max X-ray power 640W
Leakage radiation 160 kV / 6.0 mA Max 2.0 mSv/h

Power supply: 100-125/200-250 VAC, 47-400 Hz: max power consumption:
10 ARMS/230 VAC.
Exposure timer: In 1 second steps up to 99 minutes or infinite. Pre-warning time: 0 to 99 seconds.
Environment: IP54: -10° C up to +50° C.
Certificates: CE: DIN 54113, Röntgenverordnung, EN 60204-1, EN 50178, EN 55011 class A and EN 61000-6-2.

Weight 1 lbs
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