Spectroline Visible Luminance Sensor (XS-555/L)

Spectroline Visible Luminance Sensor (XS-555/L)

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SKU: 700712A Category:

Visible Luminance Sensor (XS-555/L) to Provide Film Viewer Output Measurments in cd/m sq., cd/ft sq. or fL.

The perfect accessory for the AccuMAX XRP-3000 Digital
Radiometer/Photometer Kit. Ideal for technicians performing
radiographic examinations.

Luminance is typically used to measure uniformly radiating surfaces, such as backlit panels, film viewers and monitors. The AccuMAX XS-555/L luminance sensor detector measures the brightness of a visible light source and, unlike many competitive units, allows the user the choice of displaying the results in three distinct units of measure: candelas per square meter (cd/m2), candelas per square foot (cd/ft2) and footlamberts (fL).

Sensors: Visible illuminance
Spectral Range: 555nm
Ranges in Units: 0-1,000,000 cd/m2, 0-90,000 cd/ft2, 0-285,000

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