Labino UVG5 Head Light Midlight


Labino UVG5 Head Light Midlight

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SKU: T1907 Category:

The Labino UVG5 Head is a LED Head Lamp designed to release the user’s hands during inspection. The lamp can be adjusted in 3 different angles and fits helmets as well as the head. The Labino UVG5 is equipped with a unique filter to eliminate the white light from the lamp, the filter also reduces the glare illuminating aluminum when you use the lamp in combination with UV block goggles.

Includes head lamp, charger, car charger, two (2) batteries


LED: 1 LED, 365 nm
Midlight: >6,500 µW/cm2 at 38cm (15″)
White Light block filter
Life time expect: 30,000 hrs (LED)
Battery running time: approx. 3 hrs
Weight (incl. battery): 271 gr (9.4 oz)
Battery: 2200 mAh Li-ion 3.7 volts
Charging time approx 8 hrs. Requires one (1) battery to operate
Charger can charge up to two (2) batteries simultaneously
Equipped with a current regulator which keeps the UV Intensity constant even though the battery fades
IP65 Classified
CE marked
All components including the Labino Torch Light lamp are RoHS certified according to 2002/95/EG

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