Magnaflux SKL-WP2 W.W. Visible Dye Penetrant 4/1 Gal.


Magnaflux SKL-WP2 W.W. Visible Dye Penetrant 4/1 Gal.

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Developed for large surface areas and rough surfaces where excess penetrant is difficult to remove with a solvent removable cleaner or emulsifier, SKL-WP2 is a water-removeable dye penetrant for Type 2 penetrant testing in visible white light. This bright red penetrant is designed to wash off parts with ease, leaving less background for clearer indications – even on rough surfaces. The quick rinsing reduces water usage in the inspection process for a reliable NDT process with less cost per part. This color-contrast penetrant meets all NDT specifics for dye penetrant testing and can be used on a wide variety of metals, including non-ferrous and ferrous. It is normally used on welds, forgings, pressure vessels, castings and general metal work, and it lends itself to a production environment where many parts are inspected daily.

SKL-WP2 is listed on the QPL SAE AMS 2644 Qualified Product List..

Weight 34 lbs
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1 Gal.


Water wash

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