Magnaflux SK-816 Spotcheck Kit (16oz)


Magnaflux SK-816 Spotcheck Kit (16oz)

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SK-816 Spotcheck Visible Red Dye Liquid Penetrant Kit. Everything you need to perform an inspection.

Spotcheck products are the most reliable and widely used penetrant inspection method that reveals cracks and other surface discontinuities in virtually any non-porous material.

Spotcheck’s formulation, using a high concentration of quality dyes, together with high quality solvents, provides the best possible dye penetrants for finding defects. Other products may skimp on dyes or use inferior solvents that cut costs. In doing so, indications do not appear as bright or vibrant and cracks can be missed. Some inferior solvents may also cause health hazards. Our developer’s even spray pattern provides a uniform coating. Our Spotcheck products are the most widely used..
The SK-816 Portable Kit includes everything needed to perform visible red dye liquid penetrant inspections. No ultraviolet black light is required for inspection. The kit comes in a portable plastic carrying case for easy transport to remote field locations.
Specifications Compliance:
AMS-2644, AECL, ASME B & PV Code Sec V, ASTM E1417, MIL-STD 2132, ASTM E165, MIL-STD 271

Kit Description/Contents:
SK-816 Spotcheck Kit (16oz)
Each penetrant testing kit comes with SKL-SP2 solvent removable penetrant, SKD-S2 solvent-based developer and SKC-S remover.
Pre-packaged set of products provides everything needed for dye penetrant testing
Vivid, high-contrast color
Superior flaw resolution
Excellent reliability
Conveniently packed into a single box
QPL SAE AMS 2644 Qualified Product List products

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16 oz.

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