Safelight High Vision, 20 Watt, Fluorescent

S & S Technology Safelight High Vision, 20 Watt, Fluorescent

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The unique combination of the reusable slip-on polycarbonate
filter sleeve and a fluorescent bulb produce more visible light in
the safe range than conventional safelights. High Vi s i o n
Safelights are safe for use with all blue or green sensitive X-Ray
film. Safelights must be mounted a minimum distance of 4 feet
from film.

You save filter replacement costs when changing the fluorescent
bulb because, unlike some safelights, the High Vision Safelight
filter is reusable and does not need to be replaced with the bulb.

The safelight has a pull string on-off switch and comes with a six
foot 3-conductor grounded cord set. Safelights operate on 118
volts 60 HZ AC .5 AMPS.

20 Watt 25.5 W 1.5 H 3.75 D

Finish: Baked on White Enamel.

Weight 0.1 lbs
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