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The PZX-7 series gauges are our basic single element precision gauges, and equipped with a variety of measurement modes to address a number of potential applications. They can use both high and low frequency transducers with a variety of diameter options. Both models have USB-C connectivity, with and without data storage, and serial over USB-C using a CDC class. Optional RS232 and bluetooth modules available for connection with data collectors and custom apps.

Easy field calibration; 1 or 2 point options.
Selectable 8 common material velocities and 2 custom velocities. Automatic and time dependent gain with manual override.
Echo-Echo, Interface- Echo, Plastics, and pulse-echo modes. Selectable probe options; delay line, plastics delay line, and
contact probes with diameters.
Features; high speed scan, differential, hi/lo alarms, and VX velocity
gauge. CDC compatable serial over USB-C.

Weight 1 lbs
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