Parker Research DA-1500-460 High Amp Portable Mag Unit 460vac

Parker Research DA-1500-460 High Amp Portable Mag Unit 460vac

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DA-1500-460 High Amp Portable Magnetic Inspection Unit 460VAC

The Parker Research DA-1500-460 portable heavy duty magnetic inspection unit provides high output AC or HWDC fields for magnetic particle inspection. Field selection is determined by using the appropriate field cable connector. Current output is infinitely variable from zero to maximum by use of the current control located on the front panel, and is indicated by the panel meter. Actual current output is determined by cable size and length.

AC magnetic fields offer the best sensitivity for detection of surface defect indications. The AC field is also beneficial for demagnetizing after inspection.

Half-Wave DC magnetic fields provide for the detection of certain subsurface defect indications. DC fields penetrate a cross section of the test area rather than just the surface. Optional magnetizing cables can be equipped with prods for circular magnetization. The cables can be wrapped around parts to form a coil for longitudinal magnetization. Demagnetization is accomplished in a similar manner.

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