Sherwin D90G Dry Powder Developer 15 Lbs.


Sherwin D90G Dry Powder Developer 15 Lbs.

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D-90G is a dry developer powder used with Sherwin “RC” and “HM” designated flourescent penetrants. It amplifies the location of cracks, pores, and similar flaws by multiplying fluorescent brilliance. It also assists penetrant re-bleed back to the part surface, and stabilizes indications. Complies with low-sulfur, low-halogen, and low-sodium requirements.

Dry Powder Form A – Fluorescent
Approved for use with: All fluorescent penetrants

QPL SAE AMS 2644 Method
ISO 3452-2
ASTM E1417, E165
AMS 2647

Weight 15 lbs
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15 lbs.

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