D350 High Temperature Developer 9 X 16oz Case


Sherwin D350 High Temperature Developer 9 X 16oz Case

D350 High Temperature Developer along with KO-17 Penetrant and KO-19 Remover comprise Sherwin Inc’s Hi-Temp Penetrant System, which works at temperatures above which ordinary penetrants are ineffective. D-350 developer consists of refined white particles suspended in isopropyl alcohol to give enhanced sensitivity for locating tight, incipient flaws. By solvent and capillary action, it pulls flaw-entrapped penetrant to part surfaces for display against a white background. It is not recommended for use at temperatures lower than 175F. At lower temperatures, D-350 dries more slowly. Also, the particles are more adhering at lower temperatures and require greater effort to remove upon completion of the inspection process. Removing D-350 requires wiping with water-dampened toweling

Weight 1 lbs
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9 x 16 oz.


High Temperature

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