D-70 Developer, 5 Gal.

Met-L-Chek D-70 Developer, 5 Gal.

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Met-L-Chek® D-70 is a non-aqueous developer used in inspection Methods A, B, C, & D. Used with fluorescent penetrants as form “d” and with visible penetrants as form “e”, D-70 is available in aerosol and liquid forms. It is applied after the surface penetrant has been removed and the inspection surface dried.


TEST METHOD: Penetrant Testing – Developer

TYPE: Fluorescent: Type 1, Visible: Type 2

METHOD: Fluorescent: A, B, C & D, Visible: A, B, & C

FORM: Fluorescent: d, Visible: e

Weight 1 lbs
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5 Gal.

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