Corrosion Inhibitor #7 (4x1qt) 1 Gallon


Circle Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitor 7 is a concentrated corrosion inhibitor developed to supplement a water based magnetic particle inspection system.  Corrosion Inhibitor 7 helps to provide exceptional corrosion protection to magnetic particle testing equipment and inspected components.  All the water conditioning agents in Circle System’s product line contain various amounts of corrosion inhibitors, Corrosion Inhibitor 7 is used to help increase the level of protection on sensitive components, in high humidity climates, and regions where water hardness is high.  Corrosion Inhibitor 7 readily mixes and is compatible with all of Circle System’s water conditioning agents.  It is critical when supplementing your water based magnetic particle inspection bath with Corrosion Inhibitor 7 or Antifoam 3 that the instructions in the respective technical bulletins are followed.  If too much Corrosion Inhibitor 7 is introduced to the magnetic particle suspension, the pH of the magnetic particle bath will increase.  For best results, the magnetic particle suspension should run in the pH range of 8.5 – 9.5, as verified by testing with a pH meter or pH paper. The specific values will vary depending on the pH of the facility’s water. Failure to properly monitor the system can negatively affect the life and performance of the magnetic particle suspension.

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