CircleSol M 5 Gal.

Magnetic Particle Oil

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CircleSol® M is a highly refined NDT approved petroleum based magnetic particle carrier fluid for wet method magnetic particle testing. CircleSol® M is the NDT industry’s highest flash point oil-based suspension vehicle and is rated as a non-flammable liquid according to 29 CFR 1910.106. With its global NDT standards and specifications compliance, CircleSol®M provides enhanced flexibility to your magnetic particle inspection process.  High flashpoint, low toxicity, and nearly no odor reduces EHS concerns by making the magnetic particle inspection area more comfortable for personnel. CircleSol® M provides exceptional fluorescent and nonfluorescent (visible) wet method magnetic particle mobility and inspection surface coverage resulting in superior dependability in your wet magnetic particle inspection.  An important characteristic of an oil based wet method fluorescent or nonfluorescent (visible) magnetic particle inspection is the need of the suspension vehicle to be extremely low in fluorescence. This is important when viewed under UV-A lighting the magnetic particle oil does not interfere with the fluorescent MPI process. When CircleSol® M is treated with the brilliant and responsive wet method fluorescent magnetic particle, Mi-Glow® 800 you can expect faster inspection times and increased reliability. A benefit of oil based magnetic particle inspection systems is the slower evaporation and ease of bath maintenance when compared to water based magnetic particle inspection baths. CircleSol® M offers exceptional corrosion protection of your magnetic particle inspection equipment and inspected components.  For optimum wet method magnetic particle testing results CircleSol® M should be used with Mi-Glow® fluorescent or nonfluorescent wet method magnetic particle inspection products.

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5 Gal.

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