Labino BB Mains


Labino BB Mains

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The Labino BB Mains provides you with the smoothest and largest light beam there is. The LED technology offers you very narrow spectra with a peak of 365 nm. The Labino BigBeam UV LED is 100% free from UV-B. Electronics & LEDs in one housing,


LED: 9 LED, 365 nm
Mains Cable: 2 m fully extended 2 m (2.2 yd)
Midlight: 5,500-6,300 µW/cm2 at 38cm (15″) initial intensity
White Light block filter
Life time expect: 30,000 hrs (LED)
Weight: 1.2kg (2.64 lbs)
IP65 classified
CE approved

Weight 5 lbs
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