T.S.P. 8CB Corner Vacuum Box

T.S.P. 8CB Corner Vacuum Box

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Corner vacuum boxes are specifically designed for testing the inside corner, where the bottom meets the sidewall at 90 degrees.
Operates using compressed air.
Outside Dimensions: 8″L x 5″W x 5″H Viewing Area: 5″L x 2 7/8″W

TSP vacuum device designs have been thoroughly field tested for several years in a variety of applications throughout the world.

They are simple to operate. The air ejector has no moving parts. After applying leak detection fluid along seam, simply place the vacuum device over the area to be tested and open the air valve. Slight pressure may be required to seal the box.

Rugged yet lightweight our shockproof vacuum devices are built with lightweight acrylic which can be fabricated for special applications. The tough rubber gasket is designed to provide a maximum seal

TSP, Inc. vacuum boxes are designed to be used with a compressed air source. Maximum efficiency is achieved with only 4 cubic feet per minute of air flow. This efficiency allows our boxes to operate on jobsite air or with portable air compressors powered by electric current.

Weight 1 lbs
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