70mm Film Storage Box-100 Compartment


70mm Film Storage Box-100 Compartment

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The top and bottom of our one-hundred (100) cell film storage box is constructed of heavy (200 BP) white corrugated cardboard. The die cut design with locking tabs is easily assembled by hand without the use of tape or staples. The pre-assembled one hundred (100) cell divider sets in the bottom of the box, over a numbered grid that automatically denotes a space for each of the one-hundred (100) film.

The separate lid is die cut design and printed with spaces allowing for all pertinent information as to the pipeline owner, engineering company, contractor, radiography contractor, job numbers, film numbers, etc. The lid also has a printed grid that allows space to record the disposition of each weld x-rayed. This 17″ x 17″ x 3″ storage container allows an inventory of radiographs to be taken without calculating how many odd number films each box contains. Sold in lots of 10 only.

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