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Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Test Equipment Distributors provides preventative maintenance (PM) contracts to minimize downtime and ensure quality inspections. Our detailed electronic PM records allow us to not only identify unusual machine wear, but also operator misuse that could cause premature equipment failure or safety concerns. Full data reporting is provided to the customer for documentation and certification requirements.

Benefits of Your Customized PM Service:

  • Reduces risk of equipment failure
  • Minimize costly repairs by identifying issues early
  • Safety systems inspection
  • Increase efficiency and quality
  • Automatic scheduling without your need for follow-up
  • Receive discounted labor rates for any needed repairs on equipment with a PM contract
  • Priority service at our repair centers or in the field
  • Nationwide technical staff
  • Do not exceed pricing

Common PM Components:

  • X-ray systems (complete run up, focal spot, cables)
  • Real time x-ray systems (image system, manipulator, carriage)
  • Safety systems (interlocks, lights, alarms)
  • Cooling systems (flow, oil, filters)
  • Enclosure/cabinet (radiation leakage survey, door operation, seals)
  • Control console (verify proper operation of each function)
  • Magnetic particle bench (calibration, cables, switches)
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