P6R Visible Dye W. W. 5 Gal.

Chemetall P6R Visible Dye W. W. 5 Gal.
Red dye penetrant, solvent removable, AMS 2644 qualified

The Ardrox© P6R penetrant system for flaw detection consists of three aerosol products which are used in a particular process sequence to reveal surface defects in metallic and non-metallic materials. It consists of Ardrox© P6R Red Penetrant, Ardrox© 9D1B Developer and a solvent penetrant remover. Depending on the preferred flash point and evaporation rate the solvent penetrant remover can be Ardrox© 9PR5, Ardrox©PR1, Ardrox© 9PR50A or Ardrox© 9PR70. Ardrox© Overchek Developer can be used as the developer to view the components under ultra violet light. This gives a higher sensitivity system than with conventional colour contrast penetrants. These products have been specially formulated to provide a high quality penetrant inspection process which is environmentally acceptable.
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