ER83A Emulsifier 1 Gal.

Sherwin ER83A Emulsifier 1 Gal.
ER-83A is a concentrated "detergent" used diluted with water to emulsify Sherwin's fluorescent penetrants, such as the Sherwin "RC-" designated products. ER-83A removes surface, non-water-wash penetrants by spray or immersion following a pre-wash step. The product meets low-sulfur, low-halogen, and low-sodium requirements, has a flash point over 200F, and is an OSHA Class IIIB material.

Penetrant System Category
Removers & Emulsifiers Hydrophilic Emulsifiers (Method B)

QPL SAE AMS 2644 Method Method D
ASTM E1417, E165
AMS 2647
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