Magnaflux ZL-19 W.W. Penetrant 5 Gal.


Magnaflux ZL-19 W.W. Penetrant 5 Gal.

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A water-removeable Level 1 penetrant, ZL-19 is designed for use on rough or unmachined surfaces such as castings and forgings to find larger discontinuities in non-safety critical components. It is ideal for inspecting automotive and general industrial components such as engine cylinder blocks, power train components, rocker arms, pistons, steering knuckles, etc. ZL-19 washes off parts with ease, leaving less background for clearer indications, even on rough surfaces. The quick rinsing reduces water usage in the inspection process, and the rinse water is easily treatable for simpler disposal. ZL-19 can be used with ZP-4D dry powder developer, with ZP-5B water suspendible developer in an agitated tank or with ZP-9F non-aqueous developer. With a UV-A light source, indications will appear as a bright green-yellow fluorescence.

Classification: Type 1, Method A, Water Washable (Non-Water-Based) Penetrant, Level 1

Sensitivity Level: Sensitivity Level 1 – Low Sensitivity.

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