Magnaflux Y-7 AC/DC Mag Yoke Kit 230v

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Magnaflux Y-7 AC/DC Mag Yoke Kit 230v

Y-7 AC/DC Yoke Kit (230V) w/One Pound each: #1 Gray, #8A Powder, Paint Marker, SCRUBS, Hand Cleaner, Powder Spray Bulb, Portable Carring Case and Instructions

The Magnaflux7 Y-7 AC/DC Magnetic Yoke is designed for portable testing of ferrous parts and is ideal for the inspection of welds and other remote testing applications.
Can be used to find both surface and near-surface discontinuities
Solid state controls located in the interior of yoke housing for maximum
safety and reliability
Articulating, double-jointed legs assure good part contact
General Specifications:
Elec. Requirements – 115V/50-60hz
Max. Line Current Draw – 4 amp 230V
Weight – 7.4 lb. (3.36kg) 115V or 7.2 lb. (3.27kg) 230V.
Leg Span – 0″ – 12″ (0 – 30cm)
Cord Length – 12 ft. (3.66m)
Warranty – 1 year

Weight 15 lbs
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