ESECO Speedmaster SM-12 Pocket Pal Densitometer

ESECO Speedmaster SM-12 Pocket Pal Densitometer

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The Speedmaster “Pocket Pal” SM-12 has been designed to meet industry’s needs for a small portable densitometer. With a range of 0 to 4.00D, the “Pocket Pal” provides a quick and effective method to verify that your B&W or x-ray film processor meets all quality control requirements. No separate light source is required, just insert the film, align the area to be read, and press a button.

The SM-12 has alignment marks for easy film positioning. Exposed and processed control film should have a density patch at least 0.2″ (5mm) wide to avoid critical alignment. The push button switch “wakes up” the PocketPal with a stable reading in 1 second. The digital display indicates density values from 0.00D to 4.00D in 0.01 increments. SM-12 readings are calibrated for films with silver emulsions. Convenient nylon protective carrying case is optional.

* Convenient Pocket Size (4.5″×2.5″×1.15″ or 114.3mm×65.5mm×29.2mm; Weight 5.9 oz. or 167.2 grams)
* Portable Battery Operation (9 volt Alkaline Battery Included)
* Digital Display of Film Densities
* Reliable Accuracy
* Consistent Reading Results
* Push Button for Instant Readings
* Internal Light Source
* Low Battery Indicator
* Temperature Stabilized Readings
* High Density and Low Density Calibration
* One Year Warranty (battery excluded)

Weight 1 lbs
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