ND-2000 Survey Meter 3 Range w/Dual Scale


NDS Products ND-2000 Survey Meter 3 Range w/Dual Scale

Model ND-2000 is a rugged, water, and dustproof radiation meter ideal for industrial field use and is specifically designed for long meter life in all types of environments. The meter features a rugged, 2-piece fiberglass reinforced polyester case, a large 3″” Mil-Spec meter indicator with 5-position rotary switch and a shock mounted Geiger tube. Energy dependence is within ± 20% – from 60-1500 keV. It is fully transistorized, corrosion resistant and employs regulated high and low voltages to insure stable, dependable results.

Three Range Dustproof Radiographic Survey Meter
Large 3 1/2″” Ruggedized Metal Meter Movement
Meter Face in Both mR/hr and uSv/hr
Gamma and X-Ray From 80-2000 KeV Within 20%
Three Ranges 0-1000, 0-100, 0-10 mR/hr and 0-10,000, 0-1000, 0-100 uSv/hr
3lbs, 13ozs/1.73 kgs with batteries
4.4″” W x 7.75″” L x 6.25″” H, including handle
Halogen Quenched, Energy Compensated GM Tube, Effective Length and Diameter: 0.625″” x 0.194″”
Saturation in excess of 1000R/hr when calibrated and maintained properly
Individual Calibration Potentiometers for each range
Operates on two “”D”” Cell batteries providing over 300 Hours of continuous use with Alkaline Batteries
Regulated High and Low Voltages
Drop Tested from one meter in excess of twenty five times with no damage or failures

Weight 5 lbs
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