Magnaflux MXMG Carrier II 55 Gal.


Magnaflux MXMG Carrier II 55 Gal.

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Carrier II is a high-purity NDT-approved suspension vehicle developed specifically for wet method magnetic particle testing.This petroleum distillate carrier oil provides excellent particle mobility, good suspension stability and enhanced corrosion protection for reliable, spec-compliant mag particle inspections.

Carrier II is made with highly refined petroleum oil with virtually no odor for improved operator comfort, while the high flash point and low toxicity reduce EHS concerns.

Specifications Compliance:
ASTM E-1444, ASTM E-709, Pratt & Whitney PMC 1887, A-A-59230, ASME B & PV Code, Sec. V, AMS-2641.

Weight 418 lbs
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55 Gal.

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