HM-406 Fluorescent WW Penetrant 9 X 16oz case


Sherwin HM-406 Fluorescent WW Penetrant 9 X 16oz case

HM-406 Fluorescent Water Wash Penetrant is a medium-high sensitivity, water-wash fluorescent penetrant for inspecting castings, extrusions, and similar parts. Designed for dip tank use with good self-developing properties. It is a versatile, general purpose penetrant for use on a variety of materials, including aluminum and magnesium castings. Complies with low-sulfur and low-halogen requirements.

Penetrant System Category
Fluorescent Type Water-wash Level 2

QPL SAE AMS 2644 Method Method A, Method C
ISO 3452-2
ASTM E1417, E165,
AMS 2647

Weight 1 lbs
Manufacturer / Brand


9 x 16 oz.


Water wash

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