Met-L-Chek FBP914 Level 4 Oil & Solvent Free Fluorescent Penetrant


Met-L-Chek FBP914 Level 4 Oil & Solvent Free Fluorescent Penetrant

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FBP-914 is used for the detection of fine cracks, porosity, and through leaks on metals, composites, synthetic materials, and some plastics. The materials used are biodegradable surfactants, low in sulfur and halogens, VOC free, and safe for use on all metal surfaces. It is bright yellow, smooth washing and non-gel forming, allowing a clean wash cleanly from rough surface. It is applied by immersion, spray, or wipe on.

FBP-914 is approved to AMS-2644E as a fluorescent (Type 1); Methods “A” and “C”; sensitivity level 4 water washable inspection penetrant. For Method “C” applications it is used with E-59, E-59A, R-503, and R-504. FBP-914 is applied by immersion, spray, or wipe on. It is approved for ultra high sensitivity aerospace applications.

FBP-914 is listed on the Qualified Products List for AMS-2644E. It meets the requirements of AMS-2647C, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, ASTM E-165, and ASTM E-1417, and for penetrant inspection

AMS-2644E AMS-2647C
ASME B & PV code 07 sec V
ASTM E-165 ASTM E-1417
Honeywell EMS 52309 AB
RR RPS-702-7

Typical Physical Properties
Form: yellow green liquid
Density: 970 g/L
Flash Point: > 93¢ªC (> 200¢ªF)
Viscosity 26.4 mm2/s
Water Tolerance: > 20 %
Fluorescent Brightness: (AMS-2644 requirement > 95 %)
Corrosion of aluminum: none
Corrosion of carbon steel: none
Corrosion of magnesium: none
Corrosion of stainless steel: none
Corrosion of titanium: none
Chloride content: < 200 ppm (0.02%)
Fluoride content: < 50 ppm (0.005%)
Sodium content: < 100 ppm (0.01%)
Sulfur content: < 200 ppm (0.02%)
Mercury: none
VOC¡¯s: 0 g/L
Ozone layer depleting substances: none
PCB¡¯s: none

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