D72A Dry Powder Developer 10lbs.


Met-L-Chek D72A Dry Powder Developer 10lbs.

D-72A is approved by AMS-2644E, Boeing, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, and ISO- 3452-2005. It is low in Sulfur, Sodium, Chlorine, Fluorine and other Halogens, making it safe for use on Titanium and high Nickel alloys found in aerospace, medical and nuclear components.

D-72A has been demonstrated to work with red (Type 2) dye penetrants on rough castings for gross defect detection when applied by electrostatic spray, but this method is not addressed by current specifications.

AMS-2644E AMS-2647C
ASME B & PV code 07 sec V
ASTM E-165 ASTM E-1417
ISO-3452-2005 PMC-4356-7
RR CSS-232 RR Omat #606C
Snecma DMC0010 rev J

Typical Physical Properties
Form: white fluffy powder
Density: 160 g/L
Flash Point: none
Fluorescence: none
Coating: light dusty
Removability with water: complete
Corrosion of aluminum: none
Corrosion of carbon steel: none
Corrosion of magnesium: none
Corrosion of stainless steel: none
Corrosion of titanium: none
Chloride content: < 100 ppm (0.01%)
Fluoride content: < 50 ppm (0.005%)
Sodium content: < 100 ppm (0.01%)
Sulfur content: < 200 ppm (0.02%)
Mercury: none
VOC’s: 0 g/L
Ozone layer depleting substances: none
PCB’s: none

Weight 16 lbs
Manufacturer / Brand


10 lbs.

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