Gould Bass MD220 Digital Field Indicator w/Tangential Probe

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Gould Bass MD220 Digital Field Indicator w/Tangential Probe

The Gould-Bass Model MD-220 Magnetic Field Strength Meter is a portable handheld instrument with three and a half digit display that measures magnetic field strength. It combines the latest digital display and “Hall Effect” technology into a functional, rugged, and aesthetic design. The handheld meter provides the user with an easy means for accurately measuring magnetic fields.

The easy to read liquid crystal display indicates the magnetic field present at the hall effect sensor. The MD-220 Field Strength Meter is designed to measure, in gauss, the AC and DC fields as required during magnetic particle inspection.

Unlike analog magnetic field indicators, the Gould-Bass MD-220 is not damaged by intense magnetic fields, even though they may far exceed the range of the meter.

Fully protected removable Hall Effect Probe
Meets AMS, ASTM & Mil Standards
NIST Traceablilty assures meter accuracy
Range of 0 to 199.9 Gauss, either polarity
Battery or AC operation modes
Includes rechargeable battery and charger
Easy to read Liquid Crystal Display
Reads AC and DC fields
Meter accuracy within 2%
Sample & Hold feature retains previous readings
Durable Molded case withstands rugged NDT use
Indicates field polarityAlignment fixture included

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