Single Phase 240V/70A interlock switch

TES02 Single Phase 240V/70A interlock switch

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Single Phase 240V, 70 Amp (UL Approved)

· Meets 21 CFR 1020.40 requirements
· Available in UL-508A version or Non-UL version
· Both models utilized UL list components
· Attaches to doors, sleds and other movable barriers
· Switches high voltage generator enable circuit and low voltage door safety circuits
· Low voltage rated for 5A @ 42VAC
· Double sets of alignment pins to assure proper mating of conductors
· All wiring devices are field replaceable
· 4 ports for incoming wiring
· Slotted mounting holes
· Assures low voltage contacts break before high voltage to prevent high voltage arcing

Weight 13 lbs
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