ZA-1227 Water Wash Compact Penetrant System

magnaflux ZA-1227 Water Wash Compact Penetrant System

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A-1227 Water Wash Compact Penetrant System with Cleaning and Pre-Rinse Stations, and a Dynamic Cloud Developer
Overall Length: 97"
Overall Width: 28"
Working Height: 36"
Unit Weight Approximately 675 lbs
Tank Size: 12 7/8" L x 27 5/8" W x 16"D
Ten (10) gallon penetrant tank capacity
Stainless steel cleaning station with pump agitation and heater
Stainless steel pre-rinse tank with hand hose and spray nozzle
Stainless steel penetrant tank
Stainless steel final rinse tank with hand hose and spray nozzle
Thermostat controlled dryer
Stainless steel dynamic cloud developer tank with drain rack, two gallon pressure pot and foot switch for dispensing of developer, 5" diameter viewing window in cover, and a built in dust collector with air filter
Inspection bench/booth with ZB-100F hand held, fan cooled, 100 watt black light
Electrical Requirement: 115 volts, 60 hertz, single phase facility power (Two connections)
Note: Water pressure and temperature gauges not included
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