Y-8 Yoke Battery Operated Mag kit

Magnaflux Y-8 Yoke Battery Operated Mag kit
Y-8 (115v) Battery Powered Yoke Kit w/One Pound each: #1 Gray, #8A Powder, Paint Marker, SCRUBS, Hand Cleaner, Powder Spray Bulb, Portable Carring Case and Instructions

The Magnaflux Y-8 Battery Operated Magnetic Yoke Kit is ideal for remote testing applications. The kit allows for 100% portability in field inspections of ferrous parts with the use of the battery operated Y-8 Yoke.
100% portable for field inspections
Battery pack comes with convenient shoulder strap
Solid state controls located in the interior of yoke housing for maximum
safety and reliability
Articulating, double-jointed legs assure good part contact
General Specifications:
Yoke Current Draw - 4 amps @ 6 Volts
Weight - 7.75 lb. (3.52kg)
Leg Span - 0" - 12" (0 - 30cm)
Cord Length - 12 ft. (3.66m)
Warranty - 1 year
- 6V, 12 amp hr.
- 5.25 lb. (2.38kg)
- 4.25h x 2.75h x 5.5h (10.8cm x 7cm x 14cm)
- Battery Operating Temp. Range -40oC to 60oC (-40oF to 140oF)
Battery Charger Current Draw - 0.2 amp @ 115V or 230V
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