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About Magnaflux

Magnaflux ensures that materials can handle everyday use stresses required to build everything from automobiles to bridges, airplanes, heavy machinery, buildings, and railroads. These tools can help engineers, technicians, and mechanics determine when those parts have reached the end of their useful life.

Magnetic Particle

  • Magnaflux magnetic particle testing equipment, materials, and accessories can meet your critical non-destructive testing application needs.
  • Magnetic particle products offer a balance of reliability and flexibility for all industrial environments.


  • Ultrasonic materials ensure the most reliable non-destructive inspection results.
  • Magnaflux supplies materials and accessories for ultrasonic testing, such as couplant and wetting agents.

  • Blacklight

  • Magnaflux complete accessories include UV filters, spectacles, mounts and more.
  • Black light lamps are highly durable and used for the detection capabilities of inspection processes.

  • Liquid Penetrant

  • Magnaflux carries liquid penetrant equipment and materials to meet your specific requirements.
  • Liquid penetrant equipment and materials will optimize your penetrant inspection methods.

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