Silver Recovery Systems

NDT Industrial Silver Recovery Solutions

Highest Price Paid in the Industry

A consistent and reliable service to increase your film and silver recycling refining revenues brought to you by the largest NDT distributor in the United States.


  • All X-ray film is treated and stored as confidential information.  Customers are provided with a Certificate of Destruction on request.
  • Processed in an ISO Certified facility.  Silver refining process is 100% eco-friendly and follows all current local, state and HIPAA regulations. 
  • We do not guess or rely on an assay from chopping and sampling.  After the material has been centrifuged, it turns into a silver sludge that is ready to be refined into pure silver.

Silver Pricing
All silver is priced based on the Comex Settlement Price, less a 5 cent discount. Once you receive the Refining Report, you then pick the day you want to price the silver. A phone call, with a follow up fax, is required 24-hours in advance for the chosen day. The price can be verified on and other publications such as the online Wall Street Journal. Other options available are auto-sell upon completion or auto-sell charges only. Pool account(s) can be set up to hold silver after fees are deducted, which can be used to sell or add troy ounces of silver whenever you choose.

When any materials are received, TED will send you a receiving report indicating the type, sub-type, quantity, unit of measure, and your lot number for each of the lots. Once it is processed, you will receive a refining report, which indicates the pure troy ounces of silver recovered. The final document is our settlement report, and that either comes with payment or shows how much silver you have in pool with TED.

TED arranges transportation of materials to be shipped from locations across the country to our locations. Because of our volume, we obtain competitive freight rates and can add value by scheduling, prepaying, and deducting the costs to transport any of the material to TED’s processing partner’s facility in Aston, Pennsylvania.


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