NDT Services

TED has been in the business of NDT for over 45 years. We like to think of ourselves as more than just your “go to” place for equipment, supplies and accessories. Services TED provides include:

X-Ray Film Scanning Service

Test Equipment Distributors will securely scan your industrial x-ray film using high volume digital scanners into DICONDE format (approved by aerospace primes) and archive the high resolution images to a format that best suits your needs.

Scrap/Outdated Film Recycling Service

Clean out your accumulated scrap and outdated x-ray film to free up valuable floor space and get cash back for the silver recovered when we recycle it.

Silver Recovery Service

A consistent and reliable service to increase your film and silver recycling refining revenues.

• X-Ray Film   • Electrolytic Flake   • Columns/Trailing Buckets

Equipment Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service

Our certified technicians are able to keep you up and running and minimize failure and loss production time with scheduled proper maintenance.

Equipment Installation or Removal Service

TED can coordinate and assist with installation or removal of large equipment and will properly set up and test the system when required.

Rental Equipment Service

Our equipment alleviates the need to purchase expensive equipment for infrequent use applications and provides a backup option for equipment breakdowns.

Equipment Disposal Service

It is often difficult and time consuming to dispose or recycle equipment including x-ray tubes, generators and coolers.

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