Waygate X-Ray Film Processors and Equipment

Solutions for Processing X-Ray Films

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Waygate X-Ray Film Processors and Equipment

Depending on the place, situation and application, processing of the industrial X-rays films are carried out manually or automatically. Complete solutions are available to choose the best way of processing your films in combination with STRUCTURIX chemicals and equipment, all perfectly suited to one another. Waygate Technologies, formerly known as GE Inspection Technologies, provides a complete range of STRUCTURIX processors, from a versatile tabletop model to a highly sophisticated one and from low to high capacity – all designed to ensure high-quality results.

X-Ray Film Processor Range: 

  • STRUCTURIX S ECO – A large capacity X-ray film processor with ‘ECO’ processing technology, superior image quality, precise replenishment and minimum processing costs.
  • STRUCTURIX M ECO – A compact and ecological X-ray film processing unit with ‘ECO’ technology, suited to applications that demand the highest image quality while being ecologically responsible. The secret lies in the double fixing tank, the cascade fixing system – a unique concept in the tabletop processors range.
  • STRUCTURIX U – A reliable and easy to use X-ray film processor that’s produces perfect processing quality, easy to maintain and is perfect for offshore use.
  • STRUCTURIX NOVA – An X-ray film processor designed and built specifically for the industrial NDT testing environment. It is smart, robust, economical and automatic, and fills the gap in the market for a compact processor that can perform rugged NDT testing, while providing the quality of STRUCTURIX Film Systems and the features that users need.

X-Ray Film Processing Equipment: 

  • STRUCTURIX FEEDERA – compact and time saving automatic film feeding daylight system that converts the S ECO and U X-ray processors into a unique and practical daylight system that saves time and expense in the darkroom.
  • STRUCTURIX MIXER – Automatic Chemical MixerA fully independent and automatic chemical mixing unit that relieves you of mixing chemicals manually.
  • STRUCTURIX DRYER – X-ray Film DryerA fast and efficient X-ray film dryer that’s easy to operate and delivers excellent results in manual film processing.
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