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The VIS350 is an advanced push rod camera system that has everything you need all in one package. The articulating eye of the full color camera head lets you take a close look at pipes, air ducts, chimneys, vents, cracks, welding seams, gaskets and manholes. The super bright wide side screen TFT monitor provides brilliant picture quality. The waterproof 1 1/2″ camera always fits. With its 180 ° pan- and 360 ° tiltable camera head, it gives you an inside view into drainage pipes, air ducts and intermediate ceilings. The innovative design provides super bright lighting and simple operation, all in one heavy duty carrying case.


  • Video inspection system proven over many years “ now developed even further
  • Position of camera head indicated in the display
  • Keep your sense of orientation with home function “ camera aligns itself automatically
  • 4 hour flexibility “ 2 rechargeable batteries for lasting mobility
  • Built-in location transmitter facilitates wireless location detection

Typical Applications:

  • Waste water lines of 2″ and larger
  • House connections up to 8″
  • Flue gas systems of 2″ and larger
  • Ventilation lines of ventilation systems
  • False ceilings, hollow spaces, shafts
Weight 1 lbs
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