UAES-505 Electrostatic Spray Booth System


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This station is designed to process parts through an electrostatic penetrant application system. The electrostatic system includes an application gun complete with all necessary regulators, gauges, and filters.   Parts to be processed are to be positioned onto the roller grille. Before the application of the penetrant the “exhaust blower” must be activated. The electrostatic spray gun and the exhaust blower are interlocked to prevent spraying of penetrant without the exhaust fan activated.   Other sizes/configurations also available.


  • Maximum component size 36″ x 36″ x 36″
  • Split roof
  • Side curtains
  • Full roller grille
  • 12″ tubeaxial exhaust extraction system with filter bank
  • Two fluorescent light fixtures
  • CR2000 “cool running” blacklight lamp with cord on reel
  • XS3 Series electrostatic gun (modified for penetrant)
  • 10 gallon pressure pot or wall mounted drum pump available.

 Services Required:
480VAC 3 phase 60 Hz.
1/2″ air line

Other voltages available on request.

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