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Teledyne ICM’s CPSERIES has been designed with a view to revolutionizing the handling and performances of portable X-Ray sets. The CP300C is the first panoramic x-ray generator of the CPSeries product range. Equipped with a metal-ceramic tube, the CP300C is a light (less than 30kg) and powerful generator (300 kV), able to penetrate up to 52mm of steel in 10 minutes, making it the best power-to-weight ratio in the world. Without compromising the robustness and reliability for which ICM products are renowned, the small size and lightweight of the CPSERIES will radically change the way that you perform your RT inspections. And you will see a positive impact in terms of both quality and return on investment (ROI).


Once again, our company has achieved another industry ‘first’ in terms of the portable X-Ray generators market. Both the SITEX and SITEXS have a facility that ensures the direct and true measurement of high voltage. This essential information enables the control system to guarantee the stability and reproducibility of the radiological parameters. Furthermore, the SITEX generators will provide you with extremely precise measurements as they are based on true high voltage values rather than estimations of a HV value.


A highly efficient heat exchanger has been developed in collaboration with the Institute of Thermo-mechanics of the University of Liege. This has resulted in the possibility of a 100% working cycle functioning under completely safe conditions, which will simultaneously reduce the anode temperature by 50%.


The SITEX and SITEXS panoramic X-Ray tubes come equipped with a patented automatic system of beam correction. Perfect homogeneity is provided thanks to a real-time feedback loop adjustment and an EMR (Executive Means Ratio) value of less than 5%.

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