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Without compromising the performance in any way, the CP160CR features an outside diameter of 120 mm, a length of just 688 mm, and a weight of less than 10 kg, and this makes them the most compact portable X-Ray generators for crawlers available on the market. Delivering an output range that goes from 40 to 160 kV /0.5 to 2 mA, these crawler X-Ray generators are perfect for inspecting pipelines starting at 6 inches.

The constant potential X-Ray output of the CP160CR generator has drastically reduced (by 50% on average) the exposure time required to penetrate an equivalent thickness of steel. Just 25 seconds of exposure will be needed to penetrate the typical 22 mm of a 6’’ steel pipe. This translates into quicker results and reduced power consumption, which allows more controls with the same battery charge.


Our SITEX and SITEXS are capable of providing the direct and accurate measurement of high voltage. This essential information enables the control system to guarantee the stability and reproducibility of the radiological parameters based on true high voltage, ensuring extremely precise measurements-based utilization.


Following collaborations between our R&D department and the Institute of Thermo-mechanics at the University of Liege, one of the most revolutionary high-efficiency heat exchangers ever has been created. This device allows a 100% working cycle under completely safe conditions and also reduces the anode temperature by 50%, which in turn enables you to use the SITEX Series without ever having to let it cool down.


The SITEX and SITEXS panoramic X-Ray tubes come equipped with a patented automatic beam correction system. Perfect homogeneity is provided thanks to a real time feedback loop adjustment and an EMR (Executive Means Ratio) value of less than 5%.

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