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Spellman’s SPX Series are perfectly suited for today’s demanding NDT inspection requirements. SPX units are rugged, yet easy to transport and economical to maintain. They can be line or portable generator powered automatically adapting to standard input voltages to permit all day inspection under extreme conditions virtually anywhere.

The end grounded X-Ray tubes have a focal spot size of 1.5mm sq. and the exposed anode allows for easy and flexible positioning of the tube head assembly. Tube ports use a low-absorption beryllium window that allows the radiographer to utilize the full spectrum of X-Ray energy. The high radiation output of the SPX systems allow for lower kV per exposure, shorter exposure times and increased film contrast for superior radiographic imaging.

The SPX microprocessor-driven control unit provides automatic warm-up and comprehensive self-diagnostic circuitry. Memory to store and recall exposure techniques is standard and the last set of exposure parameters is retained before powering down. The SPX is adjustable in 1kV and 0.1mA increments. Exposure duration can be set from 1 second to 99 min 59 seconds in 1 second increments. There are three models to choose from: 160kV, 200kV and 300kV.

Typical Applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Defense
  • Aviation
  • Energy
  • Security Systems
  • NDT Applications


GUI Control Software for the SPX

GUI is specifically designed for controlling SPX series systems. As an alternative to the front panel control, the GUI will allow the user to control all necessary functions of the system from a userfriendly windows based menu. Additionally the GUI can be used as a diagnostic tool when the system is controlled via the front panel.

  • Automatic warm-up of the X-Ray tube
  • Timed or Continuous Exposure modes
  • Fault and status monitor

SPX Series

SPX Series

Laser Pointer

Spellman’s exclusive Laser Pointer allows pinpoint image area targeting. The Laser Pointer projects a highly visible reference laser beam from the tubehead to surfaces up to 75 feet away, showing precisely where the central X-Ray beam will be located, providing unmatched accuracy for greater efficiency and reduced set-up times.

Tubehead Stand

An optional X-Ray Tubehead Stand allows for quick set up and provides rigid support for optimal image quality with three-axis positioning of the tube head assembly. The stand incorporates telescoping legs, a hand wheel-driven variable height adjustment and lockable hand wheel controlling the tubehead tilt and horizontal rotation. The tubehead cradle is cushioned for secure mounting and vibration damping. A bubble-type indicator is included for quick and easy leveling of the tubehead. Black anodized aluminum construction. 35lbs. (16kg) approx.

SPX Series

Air Cooled Tube Head Assembly

The air cooled tube head assembly uses a heat sink and high volume fan to dissipate heat from the anode and typically is used in applications that do not have limited access and are not in a volatile fuel vapor atmosphere. The air cooled tube head assembly does not require the cooler unit and the associated mixing and maintenance of liquid coolant. This unit requires less user maintenance and could be considered more environmentally friendly.

SPX Series

Panoramic Tube Head Assembly

The panoramic tube head assembly comes in a liquid cooled version only and produces radiation in a 360 degree cone making it ideal for aircraft FOD inspection, inspection of tanks or pipes or any application that requires circumferential radiographic inspection.

SPX Series

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