Fully automatic eddy current crack test system for testing rings

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SKU: foerster-0002 Categories: , , , ,

Economic, high-throughput test solution

The automotive sector requires automatic component testing to ensure a smooth production process. Automation increases throughput and, in particular, improves reproducibility. As a system partner, FOERSTER therefore provides individual test instruments as well as suitable complete solutions for line-integrated crack testing on components.

The fully automatic crack test system ROTO-SCAN was specially developed for the testing of rings. The mechanical equipment has been developed for the gentlest possible handling of the test pieces and features a compact and low-maintenance design. The test probes seamlessly scan the inner and outer contours of the test pieces, thus ensuring 100 % testing of the rings.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fully automatic 100% crack testing on rings
  • Extremely short setting up times due to largely dispensing with interchangeable parts
  • Part-specific storage of testing programs
  • Automatic sorting into two groups, “OK” and “NOK”
  • Port to a higher level quality management system
  • Documentation of the test results
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