RC-65 Fluorescent Post Emulsifable Penetrant 9x16oz


Sherwin RC-65 Fluorescent Post Emulsifable Penetrant 9x16oz

RC-65 is a high sensitivity, nonwater-wash fluorescent penetrant. RC-65 is a general use material – high flash point, resistant to over-washing, self-developing where specifications permit, and relatively low viscosity. Excellent electrostatic spray capability. RC-65 is formulated especially for the pre-wash process using Sherwin Inc’s ER-83A Hydrophilic Emulsifier. Most RC-50 is removed easily by the mechanical scrubbing of the first wash, thus, reducing heavy reliance on an emulsifier and insuring that flaw entrapped penetrants are less likely to be diluted, displaced or dissolved.

Penetrant System Category
Fluorescent Type Post-Emulsifiable Level 3

QPL SAE AMS 2644 Method
Level 3, Method B, Method C, Method D

ISO 3452-2
ASTM E1417, E165
AMS 2647

Weight 1 lbs
Manufacturer / Brand


9 x 16 oz.


Post Emulsifiable

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