PSM-5 TAM Panel 146040 Polished

Sherwin PSM-5 TAM Panel 146040 Polished

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A stainless steel panel, 0.090″” thick, and measuring 4” x 6” with a chrome-plated strip running the length of one side of the panel. Five crack centers are evenly spaced in the chrome-plating in order of magnitude; the largest is readily visible with low sensitivity penetrants, while the smallest is difficult to observe even with high sensitivity materials. Adjacent to the chrome plated section is a grit blasted area of “”medium roughness”” to judge penetrant wash characteristics.

The Sherwin PSM-5 Panel comes in two versions. In one version, the chrome-plated strip has been lightly grit blasted in order to dull the surface. This version complies with Pratt-Whitney P/N TAM 146040. The chrome-plated strip of the other version remains bright.

PSM-5 Panel processing meets the requirements of MIL-Std-6866 for daily system check

Weight 1.5 lbs
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