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The PRO Line stands for versatile cabinets on the market and can be used for all kinds of applications like real-time Digital Radioscopy (DR), fully automated ADR and even 3D-CT analysis. This leads to a completely new degree of freedom and flexibility in your inspection-process design!

The robust industrial design is still manufactured in Germany under highest quality standards. The system is working with two separate manipulators: The 4 Axis part manipulator and a C-Arm can be controlled in a decoupled way. Due to the ultra-precise motors and the x.OS all functionalities of the cabinet and software can be easily automated by the operator without any programming knowledge.

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  • Compact layout and small footprint
  • Designed for small to medium-sized parts like castings
  • Widest variety of source and detectors
  • Image enhancement and software tools designed for efficient use

This universal X-ray cabinet provides the maximum flexibility for inspection of small to medium sized parts. The PRO H. series combines a compact footprint, the widest selection of imaging chains, and advanced options such as Computed Tomography (CT) and Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR). This leads to an ideally configured and scalable X-ray inspection system that is future-proof. The core of the system is VCxray’s xOS software ecosystem that includes VC.acquire and as standard features. Depending on the job-requirements, the system is available with 160 kV, 225 kV or microfocus x-ray tubes.



  • Proven through many worldwide installations
  • Flexibility due to many features like C-arm
  • Large Inspection envelope
  • Adaptable configurations possible due to many versatile options

The PRO C line is one of our most popular X-ray solutions for medium to large sized parts, and its robustness is a tribute to its German engineering and production. This 7+ axis, 2-piece C-arm manipulator concept can be configured in a variety of ways – enabling the user the flexibility to inspect a wide variety of parts. The core of the system is VCxray’s xOS software ecosystem, and technologies like Computed Tomography (CT) and Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) are especially effective due to the precise motion control and programming capability. Both the standard and XL versions of these cabinets are available in 225, 320, and 450kV versions.



  • Convenient handling and inspection of big, heavy and complex parts
  • Clear digital radiography images including live enhancement
  • Overhead loading via externa crane
  • Heavy-duty part manipulator with ultra-precise axes

The TL version of our PRO C is designed specifically for very big and heavy parts (like steel castings) that require a more advanced loading concept. The VCxray approach allows the system to be loaded in a safe and efficient way by implementing a door concept that allows for overhead loading via crane. This design also facilitates the inspection of the heaviest parts due to the part manipulator not being required to be driven outside the cabinet for (un)loading. Precise CNC control enables high accuracy DR and CT inspections, and the easy programming makes the difficult inspection sequences much easier to implement.

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