ND-2200 Survey Meter 3 Range w/Dual Scale

NDS Products ND-2200 Survey Meter 3 Range w/Dual Scale

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ND-2200 Survey Meter 3 Range w/Dual Scale mR/hr and uSv/hr
with Energy Comp. 50keV to 1.5Mev GM Tube. More sensitive to lower level x-rays than the Model 2000, ND-2200 provides energy dependence within 15% from 50-1500keV. Though similar in most other respects, this meter features an added fast/slow switch and larger 3-1/2 meter indicator.

*Rugged Dustproof Radiographic Survey Meter
*Three Ranges 0-1000, 0-100, 0-10 mR/hr and 0-10,000, 0-1000, 0-100 uSv/hr
*Meter Dial in Both mR/hr and uSv/hr
*Halogen Quenched, Energy Compensated GM Tube
*Energy Dependence Within 15% from 50-2000 KeV
*Five Position Rotary Range Switch: OFF, BATT, X-100, X-10 AND X-1* *Fast/Slow Response Switch
*Operates on Two “D” Cell Batteries
*3lbs, 13ozs/1.73 Kilograms With Batteries
*4.4″ W x 7.75″L x 6.25″H Including Handle
*Saturation in Excess of 1000R/hr When Calibrated and Maintained Properly
*Regulated High and Low Voltages
*Fully Transistorized
*Rugged Two Piece Nylon Reinforced Case
*3.5″ Rugged Meter Movement

Weight 1 lbs
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