G354 Fixer

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Versatile and universal fixer for manual and tabletop processing.
Non-hardening, low-odor fixer
G354 is Agfa’s standard, single-part, non-hardening fixer for both manual processing and automatic tabletop processing. It emits less process-specific odors, while maintaining its high quality.
Universally performant
G354 fixer gives high-quality results for processing a wide variety of X-ray films, including double-sided blue or green films for conventional radiography, laser films and duplicating films. G354 fixer can be used in a broad range of processing cycles and temperatures. The best results are obtained when combining G354 with G150 developer for manual processing or G153 developer for automatic, tabletop processing.
Reduced emission of chemical substances
The majority of chemical substances used in common developers and non-hardening fixers dissolve readily in water and do not excessively evaporate into the air. The G354 fixer, however, contains an acetic acid pH buffer and sodium sulphite to prevent the fixing salt in the fixer from decomposing. Due to the higher pH, the emission of both acetic acid and sulphur dioxide using G354 has been greatly reduced.
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